In this section, you will find reports providing data on recent trends in aid and giving, with a particular focus on trends that are relevant to the work of civil society organisations.


  • Civil Society Aid Trends 2016 (Baobab, 5 page briefing, 2016, free): Overview of the latest global trends in official aid channeled through civil society, by donor, by recipient, and by sector.
  • Country Profiles (Baobab, 4 page briefings, 2016, chargeable): Overviews of the latest trends in aid to specific countries, with a specific focus on aid channeled through civil society. Further details here



  • Official Aid 2015‘: OECD, press release, April 2016. Headline provisional data on official aid from OECD countries in 2015. Breakdown by donor only.
  • Aid Spending by DAC Donors in 2015‘: Development Initiatives, April 2016, 9 pages. Analysis of the OECD provisional official aid data for 2015
  • Aid for CSOs‘ OECD, 2013, 10 pages +statistical annex. Overview of official development assistance to and through civil society organisations up to 2011.
  • NGO Resources for Development‘ Development Initiatives Factsheet, June 2014, 5 pages): Useful overview of scale and sources of resources mobilised by and through development NGOs.
  • Improving ODA for a Post 2015 World‘: Development Initiatives, Feb 2015, 78 pages + appendices. Analysis of where aid is going today, and proposals for role of ODA in future in context of wider financing for development
  • The Index of Global Philanthropy 2013‘: Hudson Institute, 2013, 26 pages + appendices. Estimates private philanthropic giving from 13 major donor countries. Special focus on aid and giving from emerging powers
  • Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2016; Development Initiatives, June 2016, 70 pages+ appendices. 3 page Executive Summary. Overview of latest trends in humanitarian aid.
  • Humanitarian Assistance from Non-State Donors‘ Global Humanitarian Assistance report from Development Initiatives: 12 pages, 2015, free: Estimates of volume and nature of global humanitarian assistance (up to 2013) from individuals, companies, and foundations – who raises it, and where it is spent.


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