On this page of our website, you will find selected articles, tools, case studies, resources or links on global trends which we have found useful in reviewing and guiding the strategic directions and priorities of global civil society organisations and federations.  More specific analyses of data on trends in the sector are contained in the Sector Reports section of this website.

  • Tomorrow’s World‘: BOND, Feb 2015, 20 pages. Identifies seven “megatrends” likely to affect the work of INGOs in the years ahead
  • Horizons‘: UNICEF, January 2016, 6 pages. Overview of latest trends affecting the sector and potential implications
  • Megatrends: How they live together in Urban, Rural and Fragile contexts‘: World Vision/Lars Gustavsson, 2015, 21 pages. Draws out the differing implications of global megatrends for INGO programmes in rural, urban, and fragile country contexts
  • 9 Ways to Change the World, Corelab, Feb 2014, 34 pages. Identifies five “meta-trends” and 9 different approaches that underpin global social change initiatives.
  • Our Big Bet for the Future‘, Bill Gates Annual Letter 2015, Gates Foundation, 16 pages. Identifies five potential “breakthroughs” in tackling poverty over the next 15 years.
  • Global Trends 2030‘: US National Intelligence Council, 2012. Latest in their series of well researched reports looking at scenarios of what might happen in the world over the next 20 years. Full report is 128 pages, but there is a concise 13 pages executive summary.
  • Global Risks 2016‘: World Economic Forum, 2016, 72 pages + appendices. Latest annual report from WEF analysing the major global trends and the risks that arise from them. Useful 2 page executive summary.
  • Edelman Trust Barometer 2017‘: Edelman, Jan 2017. Executive Summary 19 pages. Latest report from Edelman on trust in the four main institutions of society (including NGOs). Covers 28 major countries
  • Global Terrorism Index 2016‘: Institute for Economics and Peace, 2016. 3 page summary from World Economic Forum with link to main report. Useful data on trends in terrorism globally and by country
  • Global Civic Engagement Report 2016‘: Gallup, Sept 16, 3 page executive summary with link to main report. Latest annual report comparing proportion of people who give time or money to NGOs across 140 countries


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