On this page of our website, you will find selected articles, tools, case studies, resources or links on issues relating to strengthening the accountability and transparency of global civil society organisations and federations.

There are a wide range of accountability frameworks and standards now available for international NGOs. Our focus is on how global civil society organisations are approaching the practical challenges of delivering effective accountability and transparency.

  • Oxfam’s Accountability Report 2013‘: 23 pages. Annually updated report on Oxfam GB’s progress in fulfilling its commitments to each of its key stakeholder groups. Good examples of systematically reporting on stakeholder feedback.
  • Accountability Report 2012‘: World Vision International, 87 pages + appendices. Comprehensive report bringing together all core aspects of World Vision’s accountability. An example of evolving good practice in accountability reporting
  • People, Power, and Accountability‘: Jeremy Nicholls, SSIR June 2014, 3 pages. Opinion piece arguing for transferring power to stakeholders as a requirement of effective accountability
  • Increasing the Public Value of International NGOs‘: Alan Fowler and Simon Miller, 2012, 12 pages.   Overview of approach to linking transparency and accountability with governance, and its use in World Vision
  • The ActionAid Story: Building and Governing a Democratic Federation‘: Hauser Center, June 2013, 17 pages. Overview of ActionAid’s approach to restructuring their federation to share power more widely
  • INGO Accountability Charter Reports: Accountability reports produced by over 20 international civil society organisations and federations, to comply with their obligations as members of the INGO Accountability Charter


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