Most leading international civil society organisations seek to have a clear sense of their distinctive role in tackling global issues they are concerned with, and a clear strategy to maximise their impact.

Developing an effective strategy is one of the major challenges faced by international civil society organisations, involving identifying and assessing emerging opportunities and threats, and planning how best to respond, and consulting key stakeholder groups to understand their priorities and to build their support for proposed new strategic priorities.

Our team of associates have wide experience of working with Boards and senior management teams of leading international civil society organisations in reviewing existing strategies and shaping new strategies. We draw on our specialist knowledge of key trends and actors in international civil society, and on a strong understanding of the complexities of building consensus around new priorities in international civil society organisations.

Our main areas of work include:

  • Strategic Reviews:  Carrying out independent reviews of progress towards the realisation of existing strategic plans
  • Reviews of External Trends: Analysing the key international trends that are likely to impact on the work of an international civil society organisation, drawing on available market data, to identify and prioritise strategic opportunities and threats
  • Strategic Planning: Working with Boards and senior management teams to develop effective processes to shape new strategic plans, and to build consensus of key stakeholders around them


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