Global civil society organisations are facing growing challenges to become more accountable to their beneficiaries, donors, and the wider public, and more transparent in how they are funded and how they use the resources entrusted to them.

Baobab associates have wide experience of the practical challenges of strengthening accountability and transparency for global civil society organisations. Current areas of focus include:

  • Accountability to Beneficiaries: Most leading global civil society organisations have established processes for consulting the communities and individuals they are seeking to serve about their priorities and their views on the services they are receiving. Yet few have yet established effective means of reporting to them on results being achieved or how feedback has been handled. Our work in this area focuses on cost effective and practical solutions to strengthening accountability
  • Accountability to Local Partners: Many global civil society organisations seek to work in partnership with the local and national NGOs through whom their programmes are delivered. Our work in this area focuses on approaches to assessing the effectiveness of these partnerships
  • Transparency: Expectations of transparency amongst international organisations are rising fast, and there are are growing range of frameworks and standards available for global civil society organisations to assess their transparency, Our work in this area focuses on helping global civil society organisations to assess which frameworks are most appropriate to their needs, and to decide what to make public, and how to manage the risks involved.


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For briefings and other resources on accountability and transparency in global civil society federations, please click here