We actively encourage community members to share relevant articles, briefings, tools, resources, case studies and links that they have come across (or produced themselves!) and found useful.

SCOPE: Our focus is on sharing knowledge on the effective leadership and governance of international civil society organisations. We do not normally publish resources or links on programme related issues (eg health, human rights, forestry), or that are concerned with the leadership and governance of NGOs/civil society organisations working only or mainly in their own country.

TYPE OF RESOURCES: Our focus is on resources and links that will be of practical value to leaders in international civil society organisations.  We therefore prioritise resources that are concise, clear, easy to read, and practical. We do not normally publish resources or links to documents of more than 30 pages, and we do not normally publish articles aimed primarily at researchers or academic audiences.

LANGUAGE: We regret that at this stage we can only accept resources and links in the English language

If you have come across a resource or link that fits with our focus and you would like to share through Baobab, please send it to us using the short form below. If not already published, please ensure you have the permission of the organisation or individual who wrote it (or own the copyright) for it to be shared in the public domain.

All resources and links submitted will be reviewed by us for relevance and usefulness before being published through the Baobab site.

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