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Sadly, after several productive years of working together on Baobab, our interests have now taken us in different directions, and in early 2017, we took the decision to wind down Baobab as an active network, but to maintain the existing resources on this website for the use of the sector. We are all still involved in these issues in other ways, through research, consulting, and practice. You are free to contact the individual associates through the links provided on their individual pages linked below.


The last twenty years has seen dramatic growth in the scale, breadth, and influence of global civil society organisations. They bring together people from around the world who care about vital global issues such as development, environment, and human rights. The ten largest global civil society federations now mobilise millions of supporters around the world, generate a total income in excess of $9 billion each year, and employ more than 100,000 staff worldwide.

This growth has brought with it huge new leadership challenges for those involved in the management and governance of the leading global civil society organisations. While some of these can be resolved using learning and experience from the private and public sectors, others are unique to civil society, and have never before been faced on this scale.

Baobab’s focus has been on these unique global challenges. Our mission has been to provide a hub for the exchange of knowledge and expertise on the effective leadership and governance of international civil society organisations.

We aimed to complement the excellent work done by a number of leading academic institutions around the world who are helping to develop the intellectual capital of thinking on leadership of international civil society organisations, and of leading institutions who organise conferences and training courses for the sector.


Originating from Africa, the Baobab tree has spread over the centuries and is now found in all continents of the world. Widely recognised for its unique shape, it is in many traditional societies the place where people came together to share ideas, experiences, and knowledge. Baobab was established as a virtual meeting place for those involved with leadership and governance of international civil society organisations.


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