Welcome to Baobab

The hub for the exchange of knowledge and expertise on effective leadership and governance of international civil society organisations.

Our focus is on the practical leadership and governance issues faced by busy leaders in international civil society organisations working on the major global social issues of our time – global poverty, social exclusion, humanitarian disasters, environment, human rights, etc. We seek out resources from a wide range of sources around the world, and select those that we feel provide concise and practical ideas and insights.

We aim to provide four core services:

  • KNOWLEDGE HUB: Easy access to articles, tools, case studies, resources and links on current leadership challenges facing the sector
  • SECTOR REPORTS: Analyses of trends in the sector, to help inform leadership decisions
  • ADVICE AND CONSULTING: Access to advice and support from senior people with practical experience of these challenges
  • COMMUNITY HUB: A community for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and events on leadership of international civil society organisations


The best of the new resources we find are highlighted in our quarterly e-newsletter, and profiled in What’s New (on the right side of this page). If you would like to join our community, and receive our regular e-newsletters and occasional blogs on current issues, click here.

At the heart of Baobab is a small group of people with recent experience in senior leadership roles in the sector. We are passionate about finding solutions to the distinctive challenges faced by the growth in scale and complexity of international civil society organisations.  For more details, see About Us